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Lavender! And Home Depot Clearance Sale [Aug. 4th, 2008|10:40 pm]
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The Home Depot in my area has some of their plants on sale. I picked up seven good sized lavender plants for just over twenty bucks this weekend. They came in 2.57 qt. (2.44 L) pots, at $2.98 for each pot. They had some other plants as well, not just the lavender. I thought I'd pass the word on, so others can find some plants they may need, for cheap, and so the plants themselves don't languish and eventually get thrown out, or whatever it is Home Depot does with the unclaimed ones.

I have now filled in the area between my rose bushes along one of the rows in my garden. It's behind the thyme, so it should look lovely when everything fills in next year. I'm so happy. It smells sooo good. I picked up Munstead, Hicote, Provence, and some Unnamed Lavender. I'll see how each type does over the winter. I'm in Zone 4, so I'm going to cover them really well this fall, to help them make it through the winter. I have some other lavender that has done okay, though it's much smaller than the plants I picked up today. I usually cover them with leaves in the fall, and so far they've survived.

I love lavender, and there's just so many different things you can do with it, plus I thought you all might appreciate the heads-up of Home Depot's clearance sale. :)


EDIT: Someone just informed me that this is not a company-wide sale, which is unfortunate. Apparently the Home Depot by them does not mark their plants down. So you might want to call ahead before driving out, to check with your Home Depot about whether or not their plants are on clearance. Sorry to get anyone's hopes up. >.<