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We Grow Herbs!

Indoor & Outdoor Herb Gardening

Herb Gardens
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This is a community for those who love to plant, grow, and cook with fresh herbs.

Please share:

* Photos of your indoor or outdoor herb gardens
* Gardening tips relating to herbs
* Questions about growing herbs
* Photos of the food you cook with your own home-grown herbs
* Recipes of the food you cook with your own home-grown herbs
* Information about purchasing herbs (plants, seeds)
* Anything else relating to herbs that might be of interest to us

Please refrain from:

* Poor grammar & spelling, including the use of internet slang (omg plz lol!!!1!!1!)
* Advertising your non herb gardening related community here (such as gardening in general). If you think your community would be of interest to our group, please ask permission in foodsforthought's personal journal before posting here.
* "Hi! I love herbs. Bye!" posts
* Mean-spirited snarking & general asshattery
* Off-topic posts
* Failing to give proper credit to recipes / text that you did not create yourself
* References to illegal drugs such as marijuana... that's not what this community is for

Maximum photo size = 600 x 600. Anything larger than this (and entries with more than 1 photo) need an lj-cut after the first image. Look for "LJ-Specific Tags" in the FAQ if you don't know how to use it.

If you fail to follow the guidelines, you will be removed from the community with the greatest of speed.

Your friendly moderator, foodsforthought,is here to assist you. Enjoy your stay!